Can patients that sign up for Obamacare benefit from Access Direct Care?

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I’ve had quite a few patients ask me if Obamacare will have any impact on my practice. As you know, I have a blended practice of traditional insurance third-party billing, plus a large contingency of patients with no insurance at all or high deductible plans (the highest I’ve seen so far is $10,000, but $5000 has been rather commonplace). So, how will the ACA (aka Obamacare) affect my practice? The short answer is: favorably. Why is that? Most of the Obamacare plans that I’ve seen are high deductible plans, with deductibles in the $5000-plus range. That means, the first $5000 of medical expenses will come out of the patient’s pocket. That means, they can get a lot more healthcare at my office than at the big-box clinics, where prices are inflated. For example, the lab work that I usually order for a complete physical examination (complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, cholesterol panel. thyroid stimulating hormone, urinalysis, prostate specific antigen) would cost $300-$400 at the big clinics. In my office, they cost $50-$60. A complete physical examination office visit fee at one of the big clinics is $225. At my office, it’s $119.  So, why would someone pay twice as much money for the same commodity when they can have the same exact thing for half as much? Good question.

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