Why I’m going back on Medicare……….(am I nuts?).

March 14th, 2015 (No Comments)

As you probably know from a previous post, I opted out of Medicare in 2009. It’s been a great run without the burden of that bureaucratic behemoth dragging me down into the mire. I’ve been able to breath more fully and easily. I haven’t had to concern myself with “Meaningful Use 1” or its sequel, […]

Can patients that sign up for Obamacare benefit from Access Direct Care?

December 22nd, 2013 (No Comments)

I’ve had quite a few patients ask me if Obamacare will have any impact on my practice. As you know, I have a blended practice of traditional insurance third-party billing, plus a large contingency of patients with no insurance at all or high deductible plans (the highest I’ve seen so far is $10,000, but $5000 […]


August 30th, 2012 (No Comments)

I opted out of Medicare in October 2009. In case you don’t know exactly what that means, let me explain. Opting out means that I am “out of network” for Medicare. I can no longer send in bills to Medicare for reimbursement and neither can my Medicare patients. In fact, I have to sign an […]


August 30th, 2012 (No Comments)

One of our goals at Access Direct Care is to provide excellent health care at a reasonable price. In practice management literature, it is reported that the average office visit with a primary care doctor (like myself) is around 6-8 minutes. The question is: how can a doctor take a good history, do a thorough […]